Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers about our wood floor and countertop sanding services.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions

Questions About Us

What type of services do you provide?

We provide wood sanding and refinishing services. We sand and refinish floors and countertops in commercial and residential properties.

For more details about our stone polishing services, please go to Tile Cleaning Agents Ltd, or get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.


Can I get a quote over the phone?

Yes, you can get a quote over the phone for our wood sanding and refinishing services. Contact us for a free estimate tailored to your needs.


What’s your guarantee policy?

Our guarantee policy ensures satisfaction; if our service falls short, we return free of charge when notified within 2 working days.


What are your staff qualifications?

Our staff at Tile Cleaning Agents hold qualifications from recognised organizations like CHAS, Prochem, CiTB, and undergo regular training for expertise.


What are your payment facilities?

We prefer bank transfers for payment. Our technician can bring a credit card machine if needed, and we also email invoices with payment links for convenience.


What are your payment terms and conditions?

To secure your service appointment, a 50% deposit is due a week before. Payment via direct bank transfer or credit card. Deposit goes towards final invoice due on service completion. Late payments may incur Bank of England rate penalty and £5 daily charge.


What if I feel your prices are too high?

If our prices seem high, inquire about available offers. Our quotes often include premium sanding and sealing options, but we can provide budget-friendly alternatives upon request.


How do you manage expectations?

Our projects are typically straightforward, resulting in satisfied customers. We anticipate outcomes and communicate any unexpected results promptly for transparency.


How do I know that you will restore my wood to my specifications?

We are well experienced to predict the outcomes of most projects. But if you would like a demonstration to be sure of the desired results please ask us to reserve an appointment for you.

Questions about Preparations and Disruptions

Noise: Does wood sanding service create a lot of noise?

Due to the noise produced by our belt sanding machine, ear protectors are necessary when working. If noise sensitivity is a concern for anyone on your property, we recommend scheduling an appointment for a time when you’ll be away.


Dust: Does wood floor sanding service create a lot of dust in my house?

Yes, wood floor sanding generates dust. However, professionals use containment systems to minimize spread, ensuring a cleaner environment.


Odours: Does floor restoration service create odours in my house?

Odours may occur when sealing the floor with solvent-based stains and sealers.


At what point is it safe for me to enter the room during wood floor sanding service?

It’s safe to enter the room after wood floor sanding once our professionals have completed their work and any dust has settled or been cleared. Take note that certain sealants may require a 12 hours drying period.


How should I prepare for wood floor sanding services?

Before our service, please clear rooms of obstructions. Any furniture that cannot be removed from the room will probably incur a fee of almost double the original quote due to the additional days required for the wood sanding service.


What do you need from us during your wood floor restoration services?

During our wood floor restoration services, we may need access to the area being worked on, as well as a power source for our equipment. Additionally, it’s helpful if the area is cleared of any furniture or obstacles to facilitate the restoration process.

Questions About Wood Maintenance

What issues can be addressed with wood restoration services?

Staining, chip repair, crack and gap filling, scratches and worn surfaces can be restored through our wood restoration services.


What services are offered for wood floors?

Wood floors can be cleaned, sanded, colour-stained and varnished. Gaps and cracks can be filled with epoxy resin. Uneven floorboards can be levelled with our belt sanding service machines.


What are the different types of wood that you restore?

We restore various types of wood flooring, including oak, maple, cherry, pine, walnut, and more, to enhance their appearance and durability.


Can I change the shine on my wood floor?

Yes, you can change the shine on your wood floor by adjusting the finish. Matte finishes reduce shine, while gloss finishes increase it.


Looking for a cheap wood floor sanding quote?

If you want just a light refinishing service without a deep belt sanding service, please do let us know. This service will be much quicker and we can offer a cheap wood floor sanding price to suit your budget.


How do you fill gaps in wood floors?

We fill gaps in wood floors using wood filler or epoxy resin, ensuring a smooth and seamless surface restoration.


How much does it cost to sand wood floors?

Wood floor sanding cost varies based on tile condition and desired outcome. Deep restoration involves various processes and may take a few days.


What are the different types of wood floor sealers?

Different types of wood floor sealers include polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy, and penetrating sealers, each offering varying levels of durability and protection.


What is the wood floor sealing process?

Wood floor sealing: Application takes one hour and drying time varies between 1 to 24 hours.


How can I maintain wood floors in between professional wood refinishing services?

To maintain wood floors between refinishing, regularly sweep or vacuum to remove debris, clean with a squeezed mop, use felt pads under furniture, and promptly wipe up spills.