Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Wood Floor Sanding is our speciality. Transform your worn and weathered wood floors and countertops into stunning focal points with our Dust-Free wood sanding services.Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Service

At Floor Sanding Berkshire we take pride in our expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail, ensuring that your wood floors are sanded and refinished to their original beauty.

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Our Wood Floor Sanding Services

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Types of Wood Floors That We Sand

Here are some examples of the types of floors that we sand and refinish. 

  • Oak wood floor sanding
  • Cherry wood floor sanding
  • Pine wood floorboard sanding
  • Mahogany wood floor sanding
  • Sapele wood floor sanding

These types of wood are commonly found on the following types of flooring.

Hardwood Floorboard Sanding

Our team of hardwood floorboard sanding specialists excels in precise sanding, eliminating imperfections and old finishes.

We fill gaps and cracks for a seamless look, then apply three coats of lacquer for lasting beauty and durability.

Hardwood Floorboard Sanding

Parquet Wood Floor Sanding

Our Parquet Floor Sanding Specialists are experts at  meticulous sanding to remove imperfections and old finishes.

We address gaps and cracks by applying a wood filler for a smooth and seamless appearance.

Parquet floors often require epoxy filler service before sealing the floor.

Parquet Wood Floor Sanding Service

Engineered Wood Refinishing

Our Engineered Wood Floor Refinishing Services restores your floors to their original splendour.

Having a thin top layer, we’re very careful to use the highest grit possible, enabling your floors to last for many years. 

Engineered Wood Floor Refinishing Service Maidenhead

What We Can Offer You

Typical challenges of maintaining hardwood floorboards include scratches, dents, dullness, and wear over time.

Our floor sanding specialist can help by:


  1. Refinishing wood floors: Removing scratches and surface damage through sanding and refinishing, restoring the floor’s original shine and smoothness. 
  2. Repairing wood floors: Repairing deep scratches, dents, and gouges by sanding down the affected areas and applying wood filler before refinishing. 
  3. Levelling wood floors: Addressing uneven areas or warped boards through sanding to create a smooth, level surface. 
  4. Stain Removal from wood floors: Eliminating stubborn stains and discoloration by sanding away the damaged layers of wood and applying fresh finish. 
  5. Sealing wood floors: Applying a protective sealant after sanding and refinishing to enhance durability and resistance to future damage, such as scratches and moisture. 
  6. Preventive Maintenance Advice for wood floors: Providing guidance on preventive maintenance measures, such as regular cleaning, area rugs in high-traffic zones, and protective pads on furniture legs, to prolong the life and beauty of the hardwood floorboards.

Our Wood Floor Sanding Service Process

Here is a brief description of our wood floor sanding process. 

Our wood floor sanding and refinishing process

At Floor Sanding Berkshire, our wood floor sanding and refinishing process begins with meticulous sanding to remove imperfections and old finishes.

We use advanced sanding technology to ensure precision and efficiency while capturing dust at the source, resulting in a cleaner and safer environment.

Once the sanding is complete, we address any gaps and cracks by applying a wood filler for a smooth and seamless appearance.

After smoothing off the filler and the surface, we meticulously apply multiple coats of high-quality lacquer or sealant.

This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your floors but also provides durable protection against daily wear and tear.

Our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to preserving the warmth and natural beauty of your wooden surfaces throughout the entire sanding and refinishing process.

With our expertise and attention to detail, we guarantee that your wood floors will be transformed into stunning focal points that enhance the beauty of your home or business.

Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

Our professional floor sanding services are 98% dust-free.

Designed to capture dust at the source, our advanced sanding technology ensures a cleaner and faster refinishing process.

We isolate work areas, tape doors, and use high-powered dust extractors for minimal disruption.